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Angelic Reality Lessons in Dreamtime

January 4, 2013

I am currently taking an online class from Jim Self of Jim is often called the teacher’s teacher and it is an excellent description. Jim has had a lifetime of dreamtime communication with the Archangels. He allows we all have the capacity to have the same. He suggests a way to program and intend the experience just before going to sleep. I tried that last night. I think it worked!

I dreamed that I was in a beautiful garden with flowers, mostly lilies, in colors the likes of which I had never before seen. There were birds and butterflies and lovely paths and places to sit. I walked into the garden and sat on a curved stone bench. There were a group of angelic beings waiting for me.

I understood that I was there to view some metaphors to questions I have had regarding reality construction. Basically, I was attending a class taught by angels.

In my first lesson, I was shown that each act of kindness, no matter how big nor how small, by every human on the planet was like buying a lottery ticket. And each winning ticket’s jackpot was made richer by each act of kindness and then the jackpot was divided back amongst those who bought the ticket to begin with.

A kindness could be large and very generous or even be so small to be a kind, brief internal thought–towards another person.

The next lesson was about raising our frequency and becoming happier. They also showed me how things “come up” in your daily life that need releasing. They showed it to me in this way:  I was walking and suddenly felt a small hard box in my pocket, restricting my movement and becoming uncomfortable. They had me take the box out of my pocket, look at it, briefly open the box and note the contents and then, let it go. When I did this as instructed, the box faded away and disappeared. They showed me that these things, (past issues events and concerns, etc usually) come up for people all the time and not to be upset when they do. They explained that with the newer faster higher frequencies, all of these heavier, more dense things must be purged and cleaned out.

man carry box frown

Photo courtesy and David Castillo Dominici

I was then shown people walking on the street dealing with their own boxes. They showed me some who felt the box, opened it up to the air and sun and then let the contents go, were light and free. They then showed me people who opened their boxes and quickly closed them up tightly again and stuffed them back into their pockets…they were not very happy people.

Some of these people had bulging pockets of boxes, they were burdened by their heaviness and awkwardness, and could not move freely. Some people put the boxes and their contents directly into their bodies! These people manifested disease and pain that way.

The angels explained gently that everyone has these issues and “boxes” come up! Its okay, and quite human to feel hurt or angry or sad. The idea is to look at that hurt and sadness, acknowledge it briefly, and then let it GO, stop carrying it around. You just don’t have to keep carrying it around. And burying the hurts and anger deeper into your pockets or your body simply does not work.  The angels explained that it is normal to have issues arise and need “re-clearing” even if you think you have let the issue go many years ago! Its not like they have “returned”, you are just releasing their “echos” or faded frequency.

The next lesson had the same angels explaining the amazing energies (in conjunction with the date of 12-21-12) released by the center of the cosmos, of which we as Earth Beings and actual SCIENTISTS are just now becoming aware.  See more information from Astronomers HERE.

(The scientists mention the effects of this energy and the magnetic field of our cosmos. Yes, indeed. And our bodies are electromagnetic too! Jim Self says, “Your thoughts are electric, your emotions are magnetic.” The article says “we are in no danger,” but don’t present the idea that this energy has any type of effect on us, once again emphasizing materialism and separatism. I suggest we are all just pieces of a singular energy system.)

The dream continued with my husband Tom, who joined me in this cosmic lesson and was very taken with the dark DISC shape and perpendicular line of energy headed towards our planet. He kept saying to me “Don’t you remember seeing this before?” “Don’t you realize how vast and significant this is?” He was very excited, and wanted me to try draw a picture of what we were being shown or maybe write some of the mathematical formula down but I just wanted to watch the angels and “movie” of it all and told him he was better at the math and maybe could do it for us both. 🙂

And then the dream ended.

I find it fascinating how people have reacted to the long-awaited date of December 21, 2012. Many people are saying “See? I TOLD you nothing would happen.” Then there are some who are extremely disappointed that 3D reality did not just change overnight into something else, or that they did not ascend into heaven that day.

I think, you see, both “camps” were right. The shift was HUGE and cosmic, but most humans felt nothing.

There are many, myself included, who have felt significant internal energy shifts and changes. Changes that I believe are happening to ALL humans! Some or most for whatever reason, just are not quite aware of what it feels like, or perhaps think the things they are feeling are attributable to something else.

Everything starts in the etheric realms and then filters down to us in 3D! This shift of the ages works the same way. It could be and probably will be about 2-3 years before we more completely recognise this cosmic change.

Many talk about DNA changes  including Jim Self who explains how Archangel Metatron and others have told us that no child born after December 21, 2012 be born in the old 3D version. Their very DNA will be different. Where we older folk are carbon-based all the way, these new babies and those who come after will have more silica within their human bodies, rather than carbon. It is said by some that scientists already see evidence of this but they are keeping quiet because it upsets their accepted version of reality’s apple cart.

What this means is that the human really is evolving consciously and physically and becoming physically crystalline. Crystals hold more light than carbon. Carbon is heavy and dark it’s very hard to put light into carbon. We need to be crystalline to activate our “light body”.

Us older folk will make this transition too. And it will be easier when we let the “contents” of those boxes, the limitations, fears and all kinds of emotional baggage, GO.

(Permission to share this story is given as long as it is shared completely with all links and remains unaltered in any way. Copyright 2013 Candace Craw-Goldman. )


What Pushes Your Buttons?

December 12, 2012

Today, the twelfth day of the twelfth month of the year 2012, is a day of wonderful beginnings!

The sun is beginning a new energetic cycle, and the information that it beams to us humans is also new and filled with new energy. Today is a day to begin! A day to truly begin the rest of your life.

One suggestion is to leave your 3D drama and garbage behind. You will feel better, lighter, happier, and even healthier. I promise. What are your 3D dramas and garbage? Here is a way to find out. Ask yourself: “What pushes my buttons?”

Image courtesy of digitalart at

Image courtesy of digitalart at

Whatever it is that gets you riled up, anxious or judgemental is what pushes your buttons, of course. Examine what it is that upsets you and do your very best to leave it behind. TODAY. Just don’t go there. Don’t engage. Replace the irritating thought with another one that brings you joy or peace. Need to start over a hundred times? So what? This is how you create change.

Jim Self, the most wonderful metaphysical teacher at says it this way. “The place that human beings are moving towards cannot sustain the emotional baggage of the 3D world. You cannot take your baggage with you.”

You just can’t. Vibrationally the next period in human existence will be free of negativity, heavy, dense emotions, violence and judgement. If you want to go there, and who doesn’t…you won’t be able to take those things with you.

I like to think about it this way. The 3D baggage and garbage is like chunks of dirty ice. You are headed towards a clean pure beach in a tropical paradise of crystal clear waters. Your frozen ice cannot survive the balmy temperatures you will find there, nobody’s can! You will have to leave it behind.

So think about your own buttons, and know that today is a perfect day to disable each and every one of them.

Have a marvelous 12-12-12!


Water, Water Everywhere. Had Any Water Dreams Lately?

December 10, 2012

Increasingly we are hearing about water.

Water visions, water dreams, prophecies about water. Water is my personal dream symbol of consciousness. It seems to be fairly universal. Are you dreaming about flooding? Pools? Ice? Oceans? Dreaming about big amounts of water coming in from somewhere? You are not alone.

waterearthID-10079472 photo credit: basketman

My dreams lately have much to do with water, arriving and replacing old dirty water, it is now clean and sparkly and structured. I believe I am tapping into the new consciousness arriving on the planet right now. I think many other people are as well. These are messages not only about the earth, but our bodies, and our minds.

Are you dreaming of big storms or is there “stuff” or debris in your water? Or is the water dirty? There is a message there for you if it is. You likely have things to let go or clean up yet, your mind perhaps needs  to release unkind thoughts or your body might want to be free of toxins or chemicals. I had to remove some lawn chairs and boxes from a big pool in a recent dream, I am not completely sure of what that represented but I know I had help with the project.

We all have access to help by the way. All you have to do is ask.

Other things are coming up right now too, old emotional and even physical problems, old pains and some new ones too. Purging, yes. Have any new physical symptoms lately? Maybe its been your skin, or new headaches, odd digestion issues or your heart giving you some concern? These symptoms too, just might be connected to this powerful energetic alignment approaching. (But do check with your doctor, as always, to be sure.)

We are all being affected by the changing energy of the sun, and the cosmos, continuing the clean up, headed toward this amazing alignment of celestial bodies and this “corridor” of opportunity between the 12-12-12 and 12-21-12. The end of time. No, not the end of the world, far from it, but yes the “end of time”. The end of time as we have known it to be.

It is actually a beginning. A glorious and wonderful beginning and if you are alive now on the planet, whether your conscious mind is aware of it or not,  you and your soul family will be talking about how you were one of the lucky few who were here and participated in creating the beginning of “The New Emergence” of consciousness, one that is poised to change everything about life and our understanding of how reality itself is constructed and how intimately our minds are connected to creating it all.

Yes, we are, you are that powerful. You really and truly are.

Those who accept and understand this will ride the wave of change like a graceful and playful dolphin, and those who fight it might find themselves thrashing about the water… until they realize that they too, can be dolphins and enjoy every minute of this adventure we call LIFE.

(Permission to share this article is given as long as it is shared completely with all links and remains unaltered in any way. Copyright 2012 Candace Craw-Goldman.


2012 The Series End

November 16, 2012

December 21, 2012.

We’ve been waiting 26,000 years for this new cycle of life to begin. Will life on December 22, 2012 be completely different when you wake up? Doubtful, but make no mistake, the date is quite significant.

We on earth, align with the galactic plane in sort of a laser beam precision point on that date and we, as humanity, will turn a corner that day, and move into a different age.

You signed up to live during very interesting times, indeed

I’ve been asked to speak about this date during a teleconference event called 2012 the Series End December 21, 2012. This event was created by Nancy Wallace. It is a free teleconference, but you have to sign up to listen. I am speaking tomorrow, November 16, 2012, at 9pm Central Time after my good friend Marcia McCoy’s hour which starts at 8pm CDT.

CD’s of all Speakers for 12 weeks are available for sale. Proceeds are to be used to build the School of NOW.

Information on all speakers, listening, CD’s and the school are available HERE.


“The New Emerging”…what People 100 years from now call “The Shift”

November 1, 2012

Dolores Cannon Practitioners discuss information about our sessions on the Quantum Healing Information Network. This is the latest show with Suzanne Spooner, where she discusses her 2112 History Lesson Session with her friend Susan.

Don’t miss this one. Enjoy!



A History Lesson about 2012 – From the Year 2112.

September 19, 2012

The following is a transcription of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session by a colleague of mine named Suzanne Spooner. This topic is a farily common one in QHHT.  Suzanne and I will be talking via Skype soon on this very subject, and the interview will be posted on the Quantum Healing Information Network Channel on YouTube. Talk to you soon Suzanne…

A Third QHHT Session with Susan; Taking Her to the Year 2112 for a History Lesson on 2012 September 16, 2012

Susan Thomas and I wanted to try taking her ahead in time with QHHT. We decided to go 100 years ahead so that she would be past this life. In the year 2112 she was a woman named Mai who was an architect, designing buildings based on sacred geometry and how peoples bodies moved. I haven’t  included the entire transcript but what I think you will find very interesting on life in 2112. It struck me to ask her for a ‘history lesson’ on the time period of 2012 and THAT is where it got extra interesting! I hope you enjoy this glimpse into Susan’s future! 

Going forward in time to 2112.  Susan is a woman named Mai .

(S) Can you see your feet? (M) Yes, I have on looks like some metal shoes on, brushed metal. And I think I am pidgin toed! I wonder how that will work? I’ll clank everywhere I go! (Giggles) (S) What are you wearing? (M) The metal boots go up to my knees. I have shorts on but they are a material we don’t have now. The material of my shorts is very durable and strong. I’ve never seen that before. (S) Are you female or male? (M) I am female, my name is Mai. (S) Do you live in a community? (M) I am living in a town, we have odd shaped streets. We mostly walk or run but this is done really easy. They move so easy! There are also lots of steps here. They are very long steps, even the steps are like functional but yet they are very beautiful. It’s like it makes a monument. They are very functional, the steps get us places. You just glide down the steps, you move very fast and with great ease, not like walking. (S) So are you moving differently that you would have a hundred years ago? (M) I must be because I am thinking about walking, but you just put your feet out and you’re just gliding. (S) Do you do this with thought? (M) Yes, like an easy transportation center. (S) And you are on the Earth? (M) Yes.

(S) So, if you could give me a history lesson, what has happened to the Earth in the past one hundred years? (M) It’s gone through lots of changes. It’s so magnificent, everybody loves everything. Everybody takes care of everything. I f someone sees something isn’t working right, they stop to fix it. Total cooperation. If someone sees something that needs care or could look more beautiful, they take care of it right now. Before, they let bad things happen to the Earth, to the trees and the water. Now, everybody no longer does this. Everyone and every thing is so well taken care of and so loved. You can just go out and touch everything, like touch a leaf on a tree and you will feel the love coming from it and it feels your love. That was not how it was before. Everything was so sick and nobody knew how to fix it all. The Earth went into this emerging, this wonderful world that we have now. And it took so much work. So much happened, so many people raised the energy and raised the vibration to be where we are at right now in 2112. That took a lot of concentration and a lot of focus of people, they worked really hard.

(S) Back then is this what we called ‘The Shift’? Was there a name that you call it? (M) We call it ‘The New Emerging’ from the old Earth to this one. And it did go through a shift that we call The New Emerging. It came through, just like a birthing. So many people focused their energy for this to happen. (S) Where the Earth is now in 2112, what dimension would you say the Earth currently resides in? (M) We are known as the fifth dimension now.

(S) So did that shift from the 3rd to the 5th dimension happen suddenly, in a day, a few days or longer to occur? (M) Well, from what I understand, it went from the 3rd to the 4th dimension where it shook loose any thing that was not needed for the 5th. It shook loose a lot of things that were not ready to come into the 5th, even the people that were not ready to come, that needed to stay. All of the sickness, it left all of that behind. It all shook loose and then it emerged into the 4th where we had a new platform to work from. And everyone knew what we wanted. The water came through, the water came through a filter as it went from the 3rd to the 5th. It went through the vibrational change. So did the trees, the trees came through and the flowers and the seeds. So we had this wonderful platform to work with. Then everyone started to come through. Some still needed to some assistance to help raise their vibrations up into the 5th, so we needed to still work with them. Everyone was so excited! We needed to work on our vibrations to bring us up to the 5th but it  was much easier from the 4th to the 5th than it was from the 3rd to the 4th.

(S) What were the changes like from the 3rd to the 4th? (M) There were the people that didn’t want to come so they stayed. The people who wanted to come through had been preparing themselves steadily. They were aware that they were coming through & they were making the changes with their body, different things that they were eating, different things that they were exposing themselves to to get ready to come into the 4th. They ate better, lighter, more pure food. Well, it wasn’t very pure food in the 3rd dimension (giggles) but the best that they could find! This started the cleansing process and it helped when they wore natural fabrics that they would wear, cotton, silk.

(S) In 2112 what can you tell us about the experience of ascension? Tell us when it began, what it felt like, who went and who didn’t.(M) Are you talking form the 3rd to the 4th? (S) Yes. (M) That went very quickly. It was kind of drawn out before that because everybody was cleansing. That had to take some time. The bodies couldn’t have handled that all at once, into the 4th. There was the preparation period before that. (S) How was that preparation done? (M) By eating good fruits and vegetables, by drinking the most pure water they could find, by meditation, being surrounded with that thought in meditation that you wanted to be in a loving place, with an open heart. Always in that thought, that was the progression towards that shift. Preparing your body, spirit and mind. Helping those that were going through it also, reminding them what were they doing to prepare? Meditating on the colors that would get you into a higher vibration; the purples and the golds.

(Steve Beckow’s question) (S) Coming from the perspective of 2012, there seems to be two schools of thought on ascension. One is a sudden school that says we will ascend on the date of December 21st, 2012 straight to the 5th dimension. And then there is a gradual ascension school that says there will be no change on December 21st or 22nd, 2012 and that all would progress gradually for some weeks, months or years as we pass from 3D to 5D. From your perspective  in 2112, how did that all play out? (M) I am just observing a big stage and the curtain was slowly drawn up and up. And the date 12/21/2012 went through this curtain. It was like they had to get the date to separate from the people, that the curtain went up and it had to happen and they had a hard time shaking loose the dates from the people.

(S) what do you mean ‘shaking loose the dates from the people’? (M) They had them stuck in their minds. Instead of looking at what are we doing today to get us ready, they were focused on the dates. We had to really shake them loose from the dates, not to look at the dates but just to prepare themselves and just let it unfold. They tell me to pretend you were to write a date on the stage curtain and roll it up. Then look past that rolled up curtain to the stage where you can see the New Earth. That is what the focus will be. The date will be rolled up but you will look beyond a ‘date’, look through the date and focus on the ascension. (S) So the ‘date’ is more like a time thing anyways? (M) Yes. It will be a ‘time’ but you are so attached to your times. Make the date no longer the focus, you are looking through the stage into another dimension and that is how you are to treat the dates. It is still there but it does not become your focus.

(S) So the question of if the shift is going to be sudden or if it’s going to take years? (M) We are going through the slow process now of getting the body ready and aways keep in mind what else can I do to get ready. With the focus on the next dimension, am I helping those around me? Am I helping the Earth? Am I doing all that I can? When we go to that next level, because it will be sudden.

(S) Sudden, meaning how sudden? (M) It will be fast, just like walking through that curtain, it will be that fast. The slow process, now, of getting the body ready is necessary otherwise the body couldn’t handle it. When you get a wave of energy that comes through the body, and it makes some bodies ill? That is what we are getting ready for to make that transition easier.  (S) Will everybody pass through that curtain? (M) Everyone that has chosen to will but some will chose not to come through it. On a conscious level they are oblivious to it. But on a subconscious level they know.

(S) So why are there two schools of thought then? (M) There is a lot of free will right now. Those are some of the dates that collectively a lot of groups were putting a lot of emphases on, a lot of thought was going into those  dates and a lot of thought that was going with free will. The first one has become like a bubble, like a purple bubble. A lot of thought is going into it and being held out there. It is still floating, not a concrete thought, still floating. (S) The sudden ascension? (M) No, the gradual one. According to what they are telling me, we are doing the gradual one now. It is the sudden one that will happen when we go into the 4th dimension. There is a lot of free will.

Copyright © Suzanne Spooner. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete.

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Dolores Cannon’s QHHT Support Forum Story

September 6, 2012

“But Dolores…I’m going to have questions,”  I said.

The year was 2008. I had just finished Dolores’ class, which at the time was called “Past Life Regression Therapy.”  Dolores smiled and said sincerely, “Just call the office; we’ll get your questions answered.”

I knew she meant it, but I also knew I was going to have a LOT of questions, I just was. Dolores and her daughter Julia were helpful but very busy traveling the world teaching others.  Not long after my class I asked, and was granted permission, to form an official support group sanctioned and monitored by Dolores herself.  It was successful beyond our expectations so much so that after 4 years we had outgrown the “yahoo student group.” The Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Community of Dedicated Practitioners was born in early 2012. Rather than a simple online chat group, “The Forum” has developed into something much more substantial.

My name is Candace Craw-Goldman, and I am the founder and the Managing Director of Dolores’ QHHT Support Forum.  Our Forum is now a professionally hosted online interface providing a continuing education platform to a growing, worldwide group of Dedicated Practitioners who have attended and completed classes with Dolores and have learned her extraordinary method for Quantum Healing. We are a private, interactive Community where members post questions, share their experiences and have searchable access to almost 5 years of archived information. Highly experienced fellow Practitioners and Forum Moderators are ready to help others in a timely manner and with the utmost in care and concern.

As Dolores is fond of saying, “We don’t just leave you hanging out to dry.” And we really don’t!

Dolores produces continuing education videos for us, members exchange helpful tips with each other, there is help with websites and recording technology and we even have our own book project in the works. The newly created Quantum Healing Information Network is a YouTube accessed Video Interview Program where we share with the public what we are learning and discovering in our own QHHT sessions! You can find that program, and more HERE.

Dolores Cannon and Candace Craw-Goldman July 2012

Henry Adams once said, “A teacher affects eternity; she can never tell where her influence stops.”  A truer definition could not be made for our beloved Dolores. She has created a living legacy with those who faithfully practice her method for helping others, and has definitely influenced eternity, in a very big way. 

The Convoluted Universe (Dolores’ popular series of 4 books) really does not end with Dolores Cannon. QHHT Practitioners around the world are making fascinating discoveries in their own sessions.  Anyone with a sincere desire to help others and humanity is welcome to join us in our work. Classes are available around the world, and now online, too, (very soon we promise) at  And after the training, we’ll be here on “The Forum” to support you in helping to provide the highest level of service to your clients.

If this idea excites you, please know it is not an accident that you’ve found yourself here reading these words. I promise, QHH is not one of those typical weekend training classes…learning Dolores’ Method WILL change your life, and if you practice, it will change the lives of many others as well.