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QHHT Case Study: Anxiety and Diabetes

April 26, 2014

Not long ago a college-age young man came for a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session. He came quite a long ways and was accompanied by his mother. The main complaint was severe anxiety and type 1 diabetes. He was checking his blood sugar several times a day and using insulin.

The very first thing I made sure to find out, was whether or not the young man was there of his own volition. It seemed his mother had done the research and had been the one to discover and suggest QHHT and in fact even went so far as to make the actual appointment. This can be acceptable, as long as the “other” person was willing and interested in a session. This rarely is successful if they are doing the exploration for the interested party and not themselves. I said as much to the mother when she booked the time and was assured her son was onboard, just very busy at college and so she was making all of the arrangements.

And so they both made the trip to Kansas. Before even starting to talk about what was troubling this young man, it was important to make certain he absolutely wanted to be there and was open to QHHT. After a very long talk and interview it was apparent that “Chris” was quite keen on the idea of exploring his consciousness and was very willing and interested in discovering the cause, and hopefully find some answers or solutions for his issues.

Chris had an apparently idyllic childhood. His parents were kind and loving and there was no reports of fighting or disagreements of any kind. He had siblings he loved and cared for as well. His early schooling years were uneventful and he had a steady girlfriend and was in a stable relationship with her. He had a hobby of working on old cars, especially old farm trucks. He was in an ivy league school, at great expense and sacrifice to his parents. He was an above average student but had to work hard to keep up his grades. He wasn’t very interested in the subject he was studying: Mechanical Engineering, but he was fairly good at it and passed the exams to get into the school. It was a tough program and a prestigious school to get into and his parents were thrilled at his acceptance. He was only about halfway through his studies.

The diabetes came “out of no where” while he was in high school. There was no history of it in his family and it was currently managed by insulin and frequent blood sugar tests throughout the day. The anxiety came and went, and he had medication for that as well, but he did not like to use it.

Chris easily went into a deep trance state and found himself walking along a beautiful wooded path. He walked for a while in the woods, apparently as a young man, much like himself, describing the peace and tranquility he was observing. He was alone but not lonely and happy to be headed to where he was going. Where was that? Well, he soon came upon a building. He walked inside. It was a well appointed garage and there in the middle of the main bay was a beautiful old yellow farm truck. It was in the end stages of refurbishing. The chrome was shiny, the paint perfect, and it gleamed in the sunlight.


After a bit more exploration around the shop, it comes to his mind that this shop is actually HIS. Everything in it is what he likes. His music, his projects, the view outside into the woods. He is extremely content here and joyously works on the old vehicles in solitude.

When it came time to speak to Chris’ High Self, I asked why this “life” and or this scene was shown to Chris. The High Self explained that this was Chris’ dream and vision of his perfect future, of his perfect life, the life he wanted to create for himself. It allowed him to feel, fully, what it would be like to be completely in charge of his own projects and his own time and space.

We then asked for a body scan and asked about the diabetes and anxiety. The High Self explained that the diabetes was brought on as a result of the decision Chris made in High School to live his life as his parents had in mind for him to live. He was denying and crushing his own dream in order to try to please them. He loved his parents very much and they him. He loved them so much, he made the decision to go to Mechanical Engineering school to fulfill the dream they had for him to make them happy. He did not want to disappoint them in any way.

The anxiety he felt had to do with the schooling itself. He was forcing himself to do the work, to take the tests, to even be on campus around so many people. He did not enjoy any part of it at all and each day and all of his activities were dreaded. Deep down, the High Self explained that Chris wanted to quit school in the worst way and just get on with his true passion of working on old cars and trucks, but he kept that passion locked up like a prisoner inside of him.

This denial of passion therefore, denying himself “the sweetness” of life that he could be living became manifest as diabetes. The anxiety of performing daily tasks he despised was another signal he was in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing.

I asked the High Self, “What should Chris do?”

High Self: “He should tell his parents he wants to and needs to quit Mechanical Engineering school for his optimum health and happiness.”

Me: “How should he do this?”

High Self: “He should tell his mother as they are on the plane on the trip back home.”

Me: “He should tell his mother first then?”

High Self “Yes, then they can talk with the father when they arrive home.”

Me: “So, even though he is halfway through the degree, he should not finish it? He should just quit right away?”

High Self: “Yes, that is how he can completely eliminate the diabetes and anxiety.”

Me: “Can you please heal the diabetes and anxiety right now? Can you adjust the organs so that they maintain correct blood sugar balance?”

High Self: “The anxiety is already gone. It left him completely when we showed him the workshop in the woods. We can and will heal and adjust the pancreas’ function to improve the diabetic condition, but we will not complete that healing until he leaves ME school and begins to pursue his passion.”

Me: “But his parents are very interested in his education and him completing his ME degree. It will cause a great disruption in the family for him to quit school.”

High Self: “The health and happiness of Chris is dependent upon him living his life for himself and his own dreams. This will cause sadness at first for the parents, but they have a good and loving relationship and they will soon understand it was for the best.”

Me; “So is there anything else specifically Chris should do once he quits school?”

High Self: “Yes. He should immediately enroll in a Vo-Tech school to hone his skills on auto restoration.”

When Chris sat up out of trance he was exuding calmness and happiness. He remembered most of the part of the session where he was in the woods and exploring the workshop and its contents. He relayed even more details and talked about how good it felt when he understood this was his very own workshop, filled with his own tools and equipment and projects. He talked extensively about the colors and the feeling of peace and solitude the woods that surrounded the building gave him.

He did not remember nearly as much, the details of when the High Self was speaking. We talked about what it had said.

Chris looked at me and said, “My parents would be crushed if I quit ME school.” We talked about the idea of the Vo-Tech school and pursuing his dream. He didn’t think his parents would go for that idea at all. “You don’t know how hard this has been for my parents,” he said, “They even took on part time jobs to pay for my schooling.”

I told him to listen to his session recording carefully and to make his own decision. As amazing as QHHT is in uncovering what our High Self wishes for us, what our High Self has planned for us, we know that it is our own free will that is paramount in this life.

We called his mother to tell him the session was over. I asked Chris how he felt right then. “I feel really great right now. Especially when I think of that shop and that yellow truck.” He smiled. “But I don’t know how I am going to tell my mom I want to quit school.”

His mom walked into the office. “Did it work?” I smiled. I said, “I’ll let Chris be the one to tell you all about it.”

A few weeks later I heard back from Chris. He said he was feeling much better. He said his blood sugar level normalized so much after the session he needed little to no insuline for many days afterwards. He said although it was still greatly improved from before our visit, it had recently started to spike up again.

I asked him if he quit school yet. He said no. I asked him if he told his parents what his High Self said, about what to do to become healthy and happy. He said no, he just couldn’t do that to them because he loved them too much.

I remain hopeful for Chris’ future both for his health for his and occupation.  He has been told the underlying reason he manifested his diabetes. Perhaps he will leave the ME school soon and start living his own life or maybe he will just finish ME school and then get back to his real passion as soon as possible. Maybe his parents will make it easy for him to follow his real dreams. QHHT is amazing and provides wonderful opportunities for healing and understanding. However, free will absolutely reigns and one always has a choice in life. It is one of the reasons, and some would say one of the most important reasons we all have chosen the Earth School; to understand and have access to free will and choices.

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Cardinal Grand Cross: A QHHT Perspective

April 16, 2014

There are a lot of us looking up lately. The blood moon lunar eclipse of a few days ago had many eyes trained to the skies and people talking about the stars and planets and the cosmos.

Another astrological event is coming up that is creating a lot of talk. Its called the Cardinal Grand Cross and it will occur April 23-24, 2014.

We in Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Community are talking about it too. The following information about the event is from a QHHT session facilitated by Dedicated Practitioner Cynthea Cameron of  Tucson, Arizona.

I have been hearing a lot of buzz recently about the upcoming April astrological event of the Cardinal Grand Cross. I had a session today where the client expressed an interest too. Before starting my client asked me to leave the door open to facilitate just a little airflow into the room, so throughout the session we could hear a gentle breeze blowing outside. At the beginning of the session this client had a lot of resistance, but finally he allowed the session to flow. 

Toward the end of the QHHT session I asked the SC (Which is the SuperConscious or what Dolores Cannon calls the Subconscious,) “What is the significance of the planetary movement that is aligning Jupiter, Mars, Pluto and Uranus in a specific formation in the coming days?” We received the following beautiful message: 

“There are waves of energy of love, of intelligent life, bathing your planet now. And this could be a day at which all of you who will allow it connect with it in a much more fully and deep way. And as that occurs and you let it rest inside of you, we will be closer to you, and you will be closer to us. 

And those who have not seen before may begin to see. And those who have not heard before may begin to hear. And those who have shut off feelings may begin to feel again. This is the bringing together of the world. And then you become more and more multi-dimensional. And your crystal form begins to take shape. And we join and we unite. 

But this is a process. It doesn’t come automatically, or in an instant. It comes wave by wave – shower by shower – droplet by droplet. And know that it is coming. Know that you are being uplifted. You are uplifted in a sense that you are being united with us. But it doesn’t mean that you never had that capacity. For you always have. And it is a rare and wonderful beginning. 

But it is also not the beginning, as this process has been ongoing for billions of years. However, this is a milepost. It is a time, as you are hearing the bells and wind chimes ringing outside, and you are hearing the soothing energy of the birds and the wind, to know that greater, and greater love is arriving on your shores.”

Submitted by Cynthea Cameron

Find Cynthea at

The following is an excellent blog and article from Universal Life Tools about just that event if you are unaware or unclear about the potential consequences of the energy alignment that is about to occur.

 Universal Life Tools Cardinal Grand Cross Article


Those who come for Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions usually are seeking personal healing or information, but very often, this type of higher level or universal or cosmic information and understanding is also available.

Much thanks goes to Cynthea Cameron of Tucson Arizona and also to her client who brought forth this lovely message and have graciously and generously given permission to share this information with the world. Find Cynthea, a Dedicated Practitioner of QHHT at

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You too can learn QHHT–online classes now available!

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QHHT Questions

November 24, 2013

Every day I get phonecalls and letters from people inquiring about QHHT and Dolores Cannon’s work. Today I was about to answer the following email when I asked permission of this person if I could answer these questions in public via my blog.

Hi Candace,

I contacted you earlier this summer and you were able to help me find a QHHT Practitioner close by, so thanks for that. Since my session I have bought many of Dolores Cannon’s books and watched a ton of her videos, I even bought Julia Cannon’s book Soul Speak. I’ve had an incredible awakening and awesome journey these past 5 months.

I like to think of myself as someone with a pretty open mind and find that most people say they are open minded but really aren’t. So I’m going to ask you a couple of questions that have been driving me a little crazy.

The first question:

 Ok so why would Source energy/God make us (no free choice) go through the life review process and have to reincarnate? I don’t think anyone can get rid of karma 100 percent, no way. So it seems we all just keep coming back 😦 and can’t escape.

Second question:

Dolores has said in many of her videos “We can’t  know our past lives when we come back” and also says “It wouldn’t be a test if we knew the answers”. This doesn’t make sense to me, why would Source Energy/God test us? Isn’t that kind of mean? Is it possible there is something more sinister going on here? What am I missing? I’m hoping for peace of mind.



Hi Lee

I’m glad you found the QHHT helpful and healing for your life. Let me see if I can answer these questions for you with Dolores’ teachings and the information that QHHT has brought to the world in mind as I do.

First of all, God/Source tells us repeatedly that the choice to incarnate is ours alone. No one or no power “makes” us do anything. We truly are our own creator, we are a PART of God that is experiencing Himself through us by providing the sense of separation while we are experiencing life as a human being.

The life review process is also a choice and it is our own higher aspect or soul that is reviewing the life just lived. No one judges us, we truly judge ourselves! If you find yourself in judgment by another, you are being deceived!

Dolores believes that karma is in fact coming to an end with life on this planet as we evolve our consciousness. I have to agree. In every QHHT session I faciliate, I inquire about remaining karmic contracts, connections or debts for my clients. A good number of clients come to their sessions already having released all remaining karma, and nearly all of the rest of them release any remaining karma during the session itself.

Anyone can release all karma and also, any contracts they have made to give up their sovereignty. Simply ask for forgiveness from, and for, any person either physically in real life, or if that is not possible silently imagine your Higher Self addressing and forgiving and asking for forgiveness of any other Higher Self.

For the second part, state out loud that you revoke any and all contracts or agreements that you have ever made in this incarnation or in any other, and that you had agreed to give up your energy or sovereignty.

It truly is that easy if you do this from your heart. It cannot hurt to do this daily along with your prayers, and be sure to concentrate on peace and gratitude!

You have agreed to a physical existence as a human being for expansion and growth for your soul to benefit the expansion of God/Source so that it may KNOW ITSELF.

Before entering the human vehicle you yourself created a plan of sorts for your life. You had goals you wished to accomplish, things you wished to experience or learn during this particular life. But if you already knew what all of those things were, or how it would all turn out, it wouldn’t quite be the same as if you had a clean slate on which to discover those things. That is what Dolores means by “test.”

For example, you might enter a life with one great goal to learn what it feels like to be completely dependent upon another human being, perhaps by being “disabled” in some way. But, if during that life you still turned away everyone who wished to assist you, or help you, because you insisted on being independent despite your “disability,” you would not be experiencing what you set out to experience.

It is during the life review that one is able to see how they fared with their goals for that existence. It is very common for souls to repeat similar lives again and again to be able to thoroughly understand and learn things like compassion, forgiveness, humility or grace. And some lives are simply lived to learn about things like patience, or how to have joy or passion in thoroughly human endeavors like dancing or painting or singing.

So, no one is testing us but us, and there is nothing mean or sinister going on whatsoever. Truly!

We are right in the middle of a tremendous shift of consciousness and growth in human history. Every person on this planet has agreed to be here at this auspicious time.

We are in the middle of this amazing and exhilarating ride. So, do try to enjoy yourself! Find and follow your passion or your bliss. Afterall, it is why you are here, Lee.

Much love,


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Welcome to Wichita

August 14, 2013

This article is for clients or potential clients who are considering travel to Wichita for a QHHT Session or New Earth Journey class. Wichita, or “Doo-Dah” as long time residents call her, can actually be a rather charming place to visit!

The city was established in 1863 at the confluence of the Big and Little Arkansas Rivers off the Chisholm Trail, and became the Kansas headquarters for the Texas cattle trade. It remains the largest city in the state.

My office is located in “Old Town”, in a lovely red brick building which was originally part of the longtime warehouse district of the city. There are more than 200 businesses concentrated in Old Town, many of which are housed in these refurbished buildings. There are fine and casual dining establishments, antique shops and art galleries, nightclubs and pubs with live music, a metaphysical shop called White Dove, and even dinner theater!

Saturdays feature a wonderful farmer’s market, and there is even the Museum of World Treasures which houses some impressive collections including Egyptian mummies and an actual tyrannosaurus rex skeleton. The city provides a trolley to ride, but the area is perfectly walkable for most, and “Final Fridays” are when many people walk the area as the local galleries and shops stay open late and have special shows.

Old Town, then, is a perfect place for a brief visit to Wichita. No driving necessary once you get here, and there is plenty of available and free parking.

If you were planning on staying the night here after your session, you could play it safe and book a room at the nearby Marriott Courtyard, but why not try some local flavor? The Hotel at Old Town is my personal recommendation.


The history of the building is told on Hotel at Oldtown’s website:

Built in 1906, the four-story Hotel at Old Town Wichita once served as a busy warehouse facility for the highly successful Keen Kutter brand of tools, silverware, dishes, and sporting goods. 

Designed by the firm of Mauran, Russell, and Garden, the warehouse employed state-of-the-art construction and was known as not only the strongest building in Wichita, but also the largest warehouse in the world. The building was also identical in design to the famous Cupples Building located in St. Louis.


With its soaring brick tower, the Keen Kutter building was a defining feature of Wichita’s turn-of-the-century skyline. Here is what it looks like today, and it is literally one block away from my office on Douglas.


With rooms in the $99-129 dollar range, you just can’t go wrong booking a reservation at the Hotel at Old Town. They even have live jazz at the piano bar 5 days a week.

Old Town is only about a 10 minute drive east into downtown from Wichita Mid Continent Airport, an easy cab ride. For those of you driving in from points west or east use Highway 400 or Kellogg. From points north or south I-35 to Hwy 400 or Kellogg, then all drivers take Washington street north to Douglas to find my office at 914 East Douglas, and a block further north to 830 East First Street to find the Hotel at Old Town.

UPDATE to all potential clients. I have moved  my office to a new space in July 2014. 108 East 5th Avenue, Augusta, Kansas. You can still stay at this great hotel and experience a bit of the best of Wichita in OLD TOWN if you like! Thank you.


QHHT and Your Imagination

August 13, 2013

Our imagination is the most important faculty we possess. It can be our greatest resource or our most formidable adversary. It is through our imagination that we discern possibilities and options. Yet imagination is no mere blank slate on which we simply inscribe our will. Rather, imagination is the deepest voice of the soul and can be heard clearly only through cultivation and careful attention. A relationship with our imagination is a relationship with our deepest self.

Mark Shimada from “The Edge of Not-Knowing”

As a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, I know very well how important the imagination is, in our QHH work, and in our lives.

I find myself however, having to repeatedly defend this notion, because we were not raised with this important idea, rather we were brainwashed from the very start to mistrust our imagination. Truth be told, since we were old enough to play with the faeries in the garden, have tea with our “make-believe” friends, or have long conversations with our pets we were told, instructed and yes, I believe forced to live life belittling this powerful animator of our very selves.

open door

Image courtesy of Master isolated images at

The last two sentences of Shimada’s quote are in my view, priceless. Especially if you have decided to explore the deeper realms of your SELF with methods such as shamanic journeying, meditation or using Dolores Cannon’s method of QHHT.

…imagination is the deepest voice of the soul and can be heard clearly only through cultivation and careful attention. A relationship with our imagination is a relationship with our deepest self.

Record your dreams. Daydream. Meditate. Pretend. Play. Draw. Build a sandcastle. Doodle. Sing. Blow Bubbles. Stretch the muscles of your imagination, wake it up from its slumbering state and feed it before your session. Give it some life! If you take the time to give your imagination some love and attention every day, starting right now, you will have a more developed, richer and more satisfying experience in your explorations.

I promise you will.

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New Earth Journey Moves to Old Town in Wichita

August 5, 2013

Summer of 2013 has been a busy one. There have been lots of QHHT sessions, travel, classes and events with Dolores Cannon and…I have moved into professional office space in downtown, Old Town, Wichita!

The address is 914 East Douglass, and if you know where Larkspur is, it is the same building, just a couple of doors down.


There is plenty of free public parking, on the street, in a lot right west of Larkspur and behind the building itself. The 914 suites are upstairs loft spaces (alas, no elevator is available) and currently I have massage therapists, a spray tanner and professional photographers as neighbors. There are a couple of suites available yet as well. If you need a nice quiet office space downtown, come and check it out.


We are in the process of designing and installing more professional signage for the door. For now, you can just look for the number 914. I am in Suite 206, up the stairs, down the hallway, second door on the left.


I am planning on an open house to follow a New Earth Journey Wichita Meetup meeting to coincide with Final Friday on the evening of August 30th. Come by and say hello.

Now that I have a dedicated office space, I will definitely be holding more events, classes and sessions! Stay tuned.

UPDATE to all potential clients. I have moved to a new space in July 2014. 108 East 5th Avenue, Augusta, Kansas. Thank you.


Consciousness Based Healing After the Great Shift. A NEJ Workshop Feb 23-24.

January 26, 2013

Well we made it! It is past December 2012 and we are still here, the world did not end. Everything is just exactly like it was before… or is it?

Humanity most certainly went through a significant SHIFT last month! I have seen dramatic changes in my own personal reality and life, and many of my friends, colleagues and clients are experiencing something similar.

There have been real energetic changes to our planet and to our physical bodies and to our energetic selves. Many people feel these changes, and yet, many more do not.  Understanding what has happened to our reality can help you ride with the waves of this change. Denying or fighting this new way of being will most likely make your life much more difficult.

“Consciousness Based Healing After the Great Shift”
February 23-24, 2013

I am holding this class in KANSAS next month for all of those interested in some basic understanding of the “new” energies and how they apply to Consciousness and healing.

This workshop Includes CORe Cellular and Organ Regeneration techniques and participation in a group QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (Dolores Cannon) style group Regression.

The class will either be a one day or a two day event depending on the participant’s needs and goals.

Day one 9am-5pm will be an overview of current Consciousness based healing theories and techniques including the QHHT group regression. Selected methods of CORe will be experienced and taught for personal use. Cost 195 dollars.

Includes class materials and organic vegetarian lunch.

Day two 9am-? will be for Healing Practitioners interested in adding CORe to their healing tool box in treating others professionally and will include workbooks and practice and all materials necessary to be able to teach this class themselves (after experience with the method)  in the future. Cost 55 dollars.

Includes expanded workbook and organic vegetarian lunch.

By request: Those who have already attended a CORe workshop, whether or not it was taught by me or another teacher, who have the workbook in hand may attend and participate at a greatly reduced rate. Please email me for specific details.

Location: The lovely Atira Moon farm, east and south of Wichita Kansas.

Reserve your space today by emailing Candace at