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Dolores Cannon: Communicating from Beyond the Veil.

April 10, 2015

Dolores Cannon passed away just about six months ago, on October 18, 2014.

Since that time those that knew and loved her, those who practice her method of consciousness exploration and healing and even some people who never even heard of Dolores Cannon at all have been receiving messages and communication from her via intuition, dreams, regression sessions and visions.

Tonight on Julia Cannon’s The Metaphysical Hour Radio Show, we will be telling some of these stories and inviting those that knew her, her practitioners and the public to call in and tell their own stories!

I have been blessed to receive extraordinary information from Dolores myself and have had clients who have been the messenger or voice for her. I have also had dozens of very vivid dream communications and intuition hits.

None of this surprises me nor those who knew her. Dolores perfected the whole idea of communicating across time and space!

Please consider joining us on the Metaphysical Hour internet radio show this evening, April 10, 2015 at 5pm Pacific Time. If you are reading this article in the future, you can access the show archives HERE.

Here is one of the stories I might be telling this evening. It is one of my own personal dreams. Enjoy!

Dolores was in the lecture hall with more information about healing and health.

She was showing us that the brain acts as a receiver for the mind/consciousness of the person much like a tv set or a radio. We have all heard that before but she was making a point to separate the brain from the body for this particular teaching.

“Today I just want you to focus on your body. Yes, your thoughts do affect your body but many choices you make OTHER than your thoughts affect your body as well.”

She was saying, “Now its a bit more complicated than what I am about to show you but you can think about your body in this simplified way.” She was using 3D holographic imagery on the stage to demonstrate.

I looked around and saw more people entering the lecture hall. (Practitioners and clients and friends.)

Dolores pulled “a body” from the air in front of her to explain. This body, for the demonstration was something like a mannequin, it was see-through, like a bubble or plastic, but it moved much like a real body. It floated in front of her as she talked.

X-ray with brain and spinal cord concept

“This body of yours is a remarkable thing. It is designed so beautifully. It is capable of so much more than what you might realize. It is also very much affected by its environment and other factors.”

Dolores then looked up to the body and began explaining what we were seeing. The body, just as if it were alive began eating!

Dolores said, “Here is what the body looks like when it is eating junk food. Things loaded with chemicals and not very nutritious.”

The body began to consume what looked like chips and cookies and donuts and fast food items. You could see the colors of the junk food. Mostly gray. The junk food was also lumpy and gooey and you could see the food enter the body and start to spread out and fill up the whole body. The body looked visibly tired and weighed down and there was little to no movement of energy with in it.

Dolores said, “Okay, got that? Let’s move on.”

The body cleared back up to empty/neutral and floated in front of Dolores waited.

Dolores said “Here is what the body looks like when it is eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. I want you to pay attention to the different groups of fruits and vegetables…there are four groups.”

“One group is freshly picked and organic. The second group is also organic, but not freshly picked, perhaps many days after being picked. The third group is non-organic or GMO fruits and vegetables freshly picked and the fourth group is non-organic or GMO fruits and vegetables many days old.”

When eating from the first group, the colors, energies and geometries that entered into and enlivened the body was beautiful to behold. I was reminded of Emoto’s water crystals, but these were 3D and all the colors of the rainbow. The energy pulsed and glowed.

Then the body went back to neutral/clear and then ate from the second group. The colors and geometries were similar to the first group but they were subdued, not as bright or big or as colorful, they were not as “alive.”

The third group was pretty interesting to view. The colors were bright but not clear or pure. There were dark patches, grey patches, and heaviness moving throughout the colors that were there. The geometries were not symmetrical. There were broken parts and pieces. The energies moved, but were erratic. Something like watching a car drive on a flat tire.

The fourth group had faded drastically in color and the movements were slowed way down. There was much gray color and black splotches and heaviness, but there was still more color visible here than in the “junk food” demonstration.

Dolores looked out to us and said, “If you could see the energy of the thing that you are putting into your body, you might start to eat differently.”

“Now lets look at what eating meat looks like!”

Two cows, two pigs, two chickens and two fish floated near the body.

Of the animal pairs, one of each looked lively and normal. The other looked miserable and somewhat ill/deformed/injured.

Dolores said, the first of the animals is an animal that actually lives like the animal intended. On grass or land or in the water. The second animal is factory raised or farmed.

The animals floated one by one towards the body and gave a piece of themselves for it to consume.

The dream vision gets very complex here and a swirling motion shows all possible stories about the animals and the body’s choices. Some of it was quite disturbing– as some of the animal’s “story” and energy was consumed along with the meat.

In one view, the body faces and directly thanks the cow that gives a piece of itself to consume. The energy and geometries from that meat was far different than the energy and geometries from the factory farmed animal that was cared for and not thanked.

But even in the very best case, the meat energy was not as pure or bright or beneficial to the body as ANY of the organic fruits and vegetables.

The wild fish that was blessed and thanked had the purest of the meat energy/geometries to offer the body. It was interesting how blue and green the fish energy was. It was higher and lighter. The chicken energy wasn’t awful when it was “free range” and thanked, but it was about as dense and ugly and lumpy/dark as the mammal meat when it was factory farmed.

Dolores reminded us how important it was to BLESS our food, as it increased the energetic potential of every type.

At this point I wondered about eggs and milk and cheese but Dolores did not go there! Ha. (Maybe I can find out later!)

Dolores then waved her arms and all the animals left and the body returned to neutral.

Then she showed other scenarios about life like exercise vs sedentary, city verses country life, home life with a loving family, supportive relationships verses antagonistic ones, abusive relationships, all kinds of work and school and military and political and play environments, hospital environments and more.

Then it was like a symphony and dance started and many 3D bodies showed up and you could watch the bodies as all the combinations began displaying themselves.

So for example there was a body that ate clean, fresh organic produce, and had a supportive family and went to a harsh work environment…it was able to stay brighter and more alive than another body who ate junk food and was in a troubled relationship.

One could follow any of the combinations possible just by thinking or imagining.

I thought about a person who ate clean fresh produce and fish, exercised and loved their job and lived in the country and got to see exactly that.

After a little bit Dolores waved her hands and all but one 3D body disappeared.

She said. “Now please remember I’m trying to make this as simple as possible. There are many other things can can come into play about health, but I hope that this helps you understand that some of your choices can be very important and make a big difference in how you feel.”

End of Dream.

Dolores is still communicating, still teaching, very much alive in this other place, this other time. She reminds us that ANYONE who wishes to can connect in with her energy and her information with the simple intention to do so.

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Nightmares Not Accepted

April 21, 2014

It is a rare event for me to have a “bad” dream and I haven’t had a nightmare in many years. I did have the occasional nightmare as a child and young adult but I learned a long time ago not to expose myself to fearful imagery or horror movies or really anything that celebrates fear (mainstream news anyone?) and so my nighttime dreaming experiences have been nearly wholly pleasant.

A few weeks ago I had a very odd night. I awoke, several times at the “beginnings” of dreams where I was playing the starring role as a victim being harassed or pursued by horrible people and creatures.

Each time I would wake up thoroughly confused. It was like I was dreaming with someone else’s head. Each time I immediately closed my eyes to resume sleeping, thinking “Well, that was odd,” and dismissing them as an anomaly, fully expecting to sleep the rest of the night through.

The final dream was a real stunner. It actually featured zombie-like characters and I knew exactly what sort of horror/torture they had in mind for me and it wasn’t going to be nice. At all. In my dream I actually felt my incredulousness rising. I knew I wasn’t supposed to be experiencing this. I didn’t ask for it, I don’t allow this type of energy in my life and world. Not even in my dream state!

Zombies for crying out loud? The new age boogeyman concept I barely acknowledged in my waking world and would never allow in my dreamtime.  It was almost funny. And that was the thought right there that brought me to lucidity.

“Ah. I am dreaming. Well then. That makes this even easier!”

"Rubbish! You have no power here! Now begone!"

“Rubbish! You have no power here! Now begone!”

I waved my arm and practically laughed at the drooling, dripping half dead creatures and repeated this wonderful line from “The Wizard of Oz” where Glinda the Good Witch simply laughs at the Wicked Witch and tells her to begone.

You have no power here. Now begone!

The zombies instantly froze mid stride and then faded into nothingness.

In the morning as I sat and pondered the night, I believe the reason I even had the dreams I did at all was because of where I happened to be sleeping. I know the person who had been sleeping in that room the night prior to me was quite ill. I don’t think I was processing any of “my stuff” at all. I think I might have been helping to transmute the residual lower vibrating energy of that person’s illness that was still present in the room. (I should mention that there is still quite a bit of energetic releasing going on in the world by most of us and this is not going to end any time soon.)

Dreams can be so very powerful and nightmares especially, of course. I am reminded of a recent Quantum Healing Hypnosis client who had a horrible, nearly life changing nightmare that seemed to be a message or connected to a cherished loved one. Because QHHT allows direct communication with the High Self, we were able to actually ask about that nightmare’s meaning and message, and it actually was not at all about who or what the client imagined. The High Self lovingly and thoroughly explained the imagery and message and it then made so much sense to other significant and relevant parts of her life. Dreams or nightmares are common questions brought to me by QHHT clients, along with life path and health concerns.

You can actually program your dreams and ask for information from your High Self. I do this frequently, and the results just keep getting better over time. How do you program your dreams? It’s rather quite simple. Just ask your High Self out loud, or intend to have a dream about a certain subject and try to have the request or the thought be the very last one you have as you drift off to sleep. It takes some practice, but the benefits are priceless.

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QHHT and Your Imagination

August 13, 2013

Our imagination is the most important faculty we possess. It can be our greatest resource or our most formidable adversary. It is through our imagination that we discern possibilities and options. Yet imagination is no mere blank slate on which we simply inscribe our will. Rather, imagination is the deepest voice of the soul and can be heard clearly only through cultivation and careful attention. A relationship with our imagination is a relationship with our deepest self.

Mark Shimada from “The Edge of Not-Knowing”

As a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, I know very well how important the imagination is, in our QHH work, and in our lives.

I find myself however, having to repeatedly defend this notion, because we were not raised with this important idea, rather we were brainwashed from the very start to mistrust our imagination. Truth be told, since we were old enough to play with the faeries in the garden, have tea with our “make-believe” friends, or have long conversations with our pets we were told, instructed and yes, I believe forced to live life belittling this powerful animator of our very selves.

open door

Image courtesy of Master isolated images at

The last two sentences of Shimada’s quote are in my view, priceless. Especially if you have decided to explore the deeper realms of your SELF with methods such as shamanic journeying, meditation or using Dolores Cannon’s method of QHHT.

…imagination is the deepest voice of the soul and can be heard clearly only through cultivation and careful attention. A relationship with our imagination is a relationship with our deepest self.

Record your dreams. Daydream. Meditate. Pretend. Play. Draw. Build a sandcastle. Doodle. Sing. Blow Bubbles. Stretch the muscles of your imagination, wake it up from its slumbering state and feed it before your session. Give it some life! If you take the time to give your imagination some love and attention every day, starting right now, you will have a more developed, richer and more satisfying experience in your explorations.

I promise you will.

-For more information about QHHT and Dolores Cannon’s body of work, see

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Angelic Reality Lessons in Dreamtime

January 4, 2013

I am currently taking an online class from Jim Self of Jim is often called the teacher’s teacher and it is an excellent description. Jim has had a lifetime of dreamtime communication with the Archangels. He allows we all have the capacity to have the same. He suggests a way to program and intend the experience just before going to sleep. I tried that last night. I think it worked!

I dreamed that I was in a beautiful garden with flowers, mostly lilies, in colors the likes of which I had never before seen. There were birds and butterflies and lovely paths and places to sit. I walked into the garden and sat on a curved stone bench. There were a group of angelic beings waiting for me.

I understood that I was there to view some metaphors to questions I have had regarding reality construction. Basically, I was attending a class taught by angels.

In my first lesson, I was shown that each act of kindness, no matter how big nor how small, by every human on the planet was like buying a lottery ticket. And each winning ticket’s jackpot was made richer by each act of kindness and then the jackpot was divided back amongst those who bought the ticket to begin with.

A kindness could be large and very generous or even be so small to be a kind, brief internal thought–towards another person.

The next lesson was about raising our frequency and becoming happier. They also showed me how things “come up” in your daily life that need releasing. They showed it to me in this way:  I was walking and suddenly felt a small hard box in my pocket, restricting my movement and becoming uncomfortable. They had me take the box out of my pocket, look at it, briefly open the box and note the contents and then, let it go. When I did this as instructed, the box faded away and disappeared. They showed me that these things, (past issues events and concerns, etc usually) come up for people all the time and not to be upset when they do. They explained that with the newer faster higher frequencies, all of these heavier, more dense things must be purged and cleaned out.

man carry box frown

Photo courtesy and David Castillo Dominici

I was then shown people walking on the street dealing with their own boxes. They showed me some who felt the box, opened it up to the air and sun and then let the contents go, were light and free. They then showed me people who opened their boxes and quickly closed them up tightly again and stuffed them back into their pockets…they were not very happy people.

Some of these people had bulging pockets of boxes, they were burdened by their heaviness and awkwardness, and could not move freely. Some people put the boxes and their contents directly into their bodies! These people manifested disease and pain that way.

The angels explained gently that everyone has these issues and “boxes” come up! Its okay, and quite human to feel hurt or angry or sad. The idea is to look at that hurt and sadness, acknowledge it briefly, and then let it GO, stop carrying it around. You just don’t have to keep carrying it around. And burying the hurts and anger deeper into your pockets or your body simply does not work.  The angels explained that it is normal to have issues arise and need “re-clearing” even if you think you have let the issue go many years ago! Its not like they have “returned”, you are just releasing their “echos” or faded frequency.

The next lesson had the same angels explaining the amazing energies (in conjunction with the date of 12-21-12) released by the center of the cosmos, of which we as Earth Beings and actual SCIENTISTS are just now becoming aware.  See more information from Astronomers HERE.

(The scientists mention the effects of this energy and the magnetic field of our cosmos. Yes, indeed. And our bodies are electromagnetic too! Jim Self says, “Your thoughts are electric, your emotions are magnetic.” The article says “we are in no danger,” but don’t present the idea that this energy has any type of effect on us, once again emphasizing materialism and separatism. I suggest we are all just pieces of a singular energy system.)

The dream continued with my husband Tom, who joined me in this cosmic lesson and was very taken with the dark DISC shape and perpendicular line of energy headed towards our planet. He kept saying to me “Don’t you remember seeing this before?” “Don’t you realize how vast and significant this is?” He was very excited, and wanted me to try draw a picture of what we were being shown or maybe write some of the mathematical formula down but I just wanted to watch the angels and “movie” of it all and told him he was better at the math and maybe could do it for us both. 🙂

And then the dream ended.

I find it fascinating how people have reacted to the long-awaited date of December 21, 2012. Many people are saying “See? I TOLD you nothing would happen.” Then there are some who are extremely disappointed that 3D reality did not just change overnight into something else, or that they did not ascend into heaven that day.

I think, you see, both “camps” were right. The shift was HUGE and cosmic, but most humans felt nothing.

There are many, myself included, who have felt significant internal energy shifts and changes. Changes that I believe are happening to ALL humans! Some or most for whatever reason, just are not quite aware of what it feels like, or perhaps think the things they are feeling are attributable to something else.

Everything starts in the etheric realms and then filters down to us in 3D! This shift of the ages works the same way. It could be and probably will be about 2-3 years before we more completely recognise this cosmic change.

Many talk about DNA changes  including Jim Self who explains how Archangel Metatron and others have told us that no child born after December 21, 2012 be born in the old 3D version. Their very DNA will be different. Where we older folk are carbon-based all the way, these new babies and those who come after will have more silica within their human bodies, rather than carbon. It is said by some that scientists already see evidence of this but they are keeping quiet because it upsets their accepted version of reality’s apple cart.

What this means is that the human really is evolving consciously and physically and becoming physically crystalline. Crystals hold more light than carbon. Carbon is heavy and dark it’s very hard to put light into carbon. We need to be crystalline to activate our “light body”.

Us older folk will make this transition too. And it will be easier when we let the “contents” of those boxes, the limitations, fears and all kinds of emotional baggage, GO.

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Water, Water Everywhere. Had Any Water Dreams Lately?

December 10, 2012

Increasingly we are hearing about water.

Water visions, water dreams, prophecies about water. Water is my personal dream symbol of consciousness. It seems to be fairly universal. Are you dreaming about flooding? Pools? Ice? Oceans? Dreaming about big amounts of water coming in from somewhere? You are not alone.

waterearthID-10079472 photo credit: basketman

My dreams lately have much to do with water, arriving and replacing old dirty water, it is now clean and sparkly and structured. I believe I am tapping into the new consciousness arriving on the planet right now. I think many other people are as well. These are messages not only about the earth, but our bodies, and our minds.

Are you dreaming of big storms or is there “stuff” or debris in your water? Or is the water dirty? There is a message there for you if it is. You likely have things to let go or clean up yet, your mind perhaps needs  to release unkind thoughts or your body might want to be free of toxins or chemicals. I had to remove some lawn chairs and boxes from a big pool in a recent dream, I am not completely sure of what that represented but I know I had help with the project.

We all have access to help by the way. All you have to do is ask.

Other things are coming up right now too, old emotional and even physical problems, old pains and some new ones too. Purging, yes. Have any new physical symptoms lately? Maybe its been your skin, or new headaches, odd digestion issues or your heart giving you some concern? These symptoms too, just might be connected to this powerful energetic alignment approaching. (But do check with your doctor, as always, to be sure.)

We are all being affected by the changing energy of the sun, and the cosmos, continuing the clean up, headed toward this amazing alignment of celestial bodies and this “corridor” of opportunity between the 12-12-12 and 12-21-12. The end of time. No, not the end of the world, far from it, but yes the “end of time”. The end of time as we have known it to be.

It is actually a beginning. A glorious and wonderful beginning and if you are alive now on the planet, whether your conscious mind is aware of it or not,  you and your soul family will be talking about how you were one of the lucky few who were here and participated in creating the beginning of “The New Emergence” of consciousness, one that is poised to change everything about life and our understanding of how reality itself is constructed and how intimately our minds are connected to creating it all.

Yes, we are, you are that powerful. You really and truly are.

Those who accept and understand this will ride the wave of change like a graceful and playful dolphin, and those who fight it might find themselves thrashing about the water… until they realize that they too, can be dolphins and enjoy every minute of this adventure we call LIFE.

(Permission to share this article is given as long as it is shared completely with all links and remains unaltered in any way. Copyright 2012 Candace Craw-Goldman.


Jim Self answers my Question on Speaking with the Ascended Masters.

July 3, 2012

If you don’t know of Jim Self, you should. Truly. What a lovely human being. He is often called “The teacher’s teacher,” and for good reason. I quote Jim often in my own sessions and classes.

Recently Jim held a webinar entitled, “The Shift Requires your Attention.” I asked him a question about conversing with the Ascended Masters, something Jim has been able to do for many years.

Here is his answer.

The youtube video is less than 5 minutes long, but well worth the investment of time in my opinion. Enjoy! When you are done listening, head on over to or look for more wonderful youtube videos by Jim.

P.S. Thanks Roxane


Are You Ready for a QHHT or CORe Session?

May 14, 2012

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to see if a Quantum Healing Hypnosis or Cellular and Organ Regeneration Session is right for you. Be honest with your answers, you don’t have to share them with anyone. 🙂

  1. Do you believe that you are more than just your body?
  2. Do you believe that you have the ability to affect, in any way, your own emotional or physical healing?
  3. Do you believe that your self-healing abilities can be as powerful or even more powerful than any doctor or medicine or surgery?
  4. Do you believe that you, or a part of you, either has existed in other realms, or exists in other realms currently?
  5. Do you believe that your imagination has the capacity to provide useful input to your life?
  6. Do you believe there exist things that are traditionally or scientifically NOT measurable or explainable that have validity and are worth pursuing?
  7. Do you believe that your beliefs or your thoughts, or your feelings can affect your reality?
  8. Do you believe that dreams, daydreams or positive thinking can provide any tangible value in your life?
  9. Do you believe that you are a part of the Creator (God, Source, Universe or World) and not something completely separate?

If you answered “no” to all or most of these questions, I might suggest that you are not suited or maybe just not quite ready for a QHHT or CORe Session.  If you are searching for someone to “heal you”, you definitely are not ready.

However, if you answered “yes” to most or even just several of these questions, and genuinely attempt to keep an open mind during a session with either modality, you most likely will be happy with your experience and find that you have made real improvements in your life!