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Julia Cannon and a “Soul Speak” Workshop!

September 24, 2014

UPDATE added September 25, 2014. Unfortunately due to an accident involving Dolores Cannon, the following workshop has been cancelled and will need to be rescheduled at a later date. Thank you for your understanding.

I am so pleased to be able to announce that my good friend Julia Cannon will be coming to Kansas Saturday, October 4, 2014 to give a Soul Speak book talk and workshop in my New Earth Journey Wellness Studio in Augusta.

I first met Julia Cannon back in 2008. She was assisting her mother Dolores Cannon as she taught her Past Life Regression Course in Fayetteville Arkansas where I was a student. Soon, we were working together in the world of Quantum Healing Hypnosis and have been doing so ever since.

Julia has quite a knack for feeling and sensing energy and receiving profound information from higher consciousness. She also practices a type of energy healing work she calls Lightcasting. All of these experiences led her to writing her book called Soul Speak.

Here is the her official Ozark Mountain Publishing bio:

Julia Cannon was born in Hutchinson, Kansas to Johnny and Dolores Cannon. Johnny was a career Navy man, so they moved frequently and she had the advantage of an open-minded up-bringing. She was raised with the understanding that psychic phenomenon and metaphysics were common place and she was always exploring new avenues of growth.

Julia Cannon became a registered nurse and worked in Intensive Care and Home Health for the duration of her 20+ year career. She then decided to explore other aspects of the healing profession and has trained in Reconnective Healing and Dolores Cannon’s QHHT.

Her energy healing has taken on its own dimension and has formed into something she calls “Lightcasting.” Intuitive lights come from the hands to direct energy where it is needed to balance any deficiencies in the body. This balancing may be happening on the physical, mental and/or spiritual level. While she is working in someone’s field, she gets intuitive messages/impressions of what is happening and what is needed to help the person bring about their healing.

When Julia Cannon does remote energy work, she is taken intuitively inside the body to see what the condition looks like and then she is given methods to correct the situations. This has been a spontaneous development that continues to amaze her in its applications.

Because of her nursing background, Julia Cannon brings a soothing mix of compassion, human body understanding and intuition to her work.

In this book you will discover what the messages from the different body systems mean and how you can heal any situation by understanding the message that is being delivered and acting appropriately on that message.

This is a secret language that is now being revealed. It is no longer a mystery. Discover for yourself what YOU are trying to say to YOURSELF.

For more information about the workshop please email Candace at or sign up for information about all events at my New Earth Journey Wellness Studio Meetup Group. Its free!


Dividing Lines

September 18, 2014

Life can be so surreal.

Last week and this week at the Holiday Inn in Springdale Arkansas, while the Tyson company was doing its Tyson things nearby, and the Walmart group was being as Walmart as possible in the room next door, we were with Dolores Cannon talking about Quantum Healing Hypnosis and the miracles we have been blessed to see and the miracles possible for all.

Maybe its just me, but the contrast of our focus and the other types of activities nearby took my breath away. Mind you, I freely admit and share with you now that on my way to Arkansas I stopped at a Walmart outside of Coffeeville Kansas to buy a memory chip for my video camera.  I also suspect that the chicken served at lunch by the hotel was provided by Tyson, so the statement is not a judgement as much as one of simple observation.

Those in the conference room with Dolores Cannon just seem to live in a completely different world than those in the conference rooms next door. More than just a 4 inch sliding panel separates these worlds.

And yes, for those wondering about the very “traditional” conference room setting choice, it will indeed be far more comfortable to have QHHT classes at the planned Cannon Metaphysical University in the future. Window light, organic vegan and vegetarian food, fresh air and the peace and quiet of the country will be far more supportive to this work.  I look forward to working in those new surroundings in the future!

Sneakers from above.

Have you watched this division of people happening around you lately? I certainly have. It’s interesting to watch. Sometimes it’s heartbreaking, because sometimes friends and family are suffering and we have front row seats to their pain.

Many of us are purposefully disengaging from debate and dissonance. I know arguing and debating (and force) has long been the way humans have created their world, but it really does not have to be that way any longer. Yes, there will be those that will reply that pacifism or “sticking your head in the sand” is not the way to advance human evolution and our society and I would also agree those are extremes as well. But not engaging and reveling in the fear and doomsday headlines of mainstream media and reliving and replaying pointless political discourse is not sticking your head in the sand, its recognition of an endless and ridiculous manipulative game perpetuated by those agreeing with and continuing to play.

I’m done with that. And so many others are as well. There really are other ways to look at conflict resolution and evolution of the human spirit!

Inelia Benz wrote a newsletter article about this today in a very insightful way. I have copied and pasted it below, but you can find out more about Inelia at her website,

Here is her newsletter:

In 2011 a separation occurred in the human collective. Those who wanted to have a fear free, empowered, aware, awake reality of physical incarnation, and those who didn’t. Gaia has actively been pushing for a physical separation that is done through time, three generations, and is trauma free and gentle. We, the human collective, however, have been pushing for a fast and furious separation.

Various people, and environments I find myself in, have mentioned WWIII, and other doomsday scenarios.  I am presently in various conversations via email, txt, physical and at, about this topic.

It appears, very strongly, that a fast physical separation of realities is being chosen by our collective. How this comes about, well, that’s what we are playing with at the moment. What we are deciding on.

Most of the people on Earth will interpret and manifest the choice depending on what is real to them. What choices they see as real.

One thing to remember is that no one chooses for us, or chooses us, there is no chosen people. No targeted people. It is each person who chooses for themselves. If you are working on yourself, you have chosen an empowered reality, it is that simple.

I’ve lived through close encounters with doomsday timelines before. And that’s certainly one way we could do this, but what I sense now is a strong “collision” with a timeline of vibrational physical separation.

This may play out in war and violence and billions of deaths, or may play out in ways we cannot even start to imagine, but are open to “that or better”.

What we have been doing, identifying resonance, dissonance, is exactly this. We are splitting the worlds. We are at an advantage in that we do it consciously. But everyone is at it in some form or other. (This months MP3 Detoxify Your Life Now discusses resonance and dissonance in great depth)

It is easy to be sucked into a battle field. The energy of the savior, the martyr, the soldier, the warrior, the commander, is strong in some of us here. But it implies a lowering of vibration, as all war and conflict is low vibrational by nature. If you do feel pulled in, to save, protect, others, I would suggest to examine the energy of the “guardian” instead. Not the weaponized guardian, but the guardian like an impenetrable wall energy. No consequences to who tries to trespass, just an impossibility of getting through.

We are bridges for people to pass through into the new paradigm. But it appears that soon, many of us will become a wall to stop the old paradigm from polluting the new. A wall that is so clear, so awake that cannot be infused with, manipulated, or corrupted by programs or judgments, or temptations.

Or maybe not ;)

The physical separation is really up on the human collective mind right now. I would say, for now, just observe it.

As I observe it, and this is something that is coming out in the Interview with a Psychic Assassin book, there is a third option manifesting. It’s so outside of our reality scale that it needs to be observed.

Basically, light and dark can and do exist without the other. In fact, that’s the only way they can exist. We can see both because there is both existing separately from each other in our world. There is also a reality where neither exists.

And something that is just appearing in our awareness, is a reality where they both exist as One. Not light and dark making grey, but making a color that is not in our spectrum. Not a reality where they neutralize or mesh, but where a new element emerges.

The urge to separate to different realities seems to be somehow related to the emergence of this new vibration. It is almost like if we don’t separate now, we will be all gobbled up into the new element and that is so unknown, so different, so “not human” that we are pushing our choice hard now. Do you feel fear? Fear could be a  pull to familiar surrounds.

Do we feel a desire to find out more? A way, perhaps to explore where other’s have not gone before.

The only way we can stay clear, and keep our choice conscious, is to actively pursue resonance, and actively not engage in dissonance.

In joy/light/love,
  – Inelia

Cardinal Grand Cross: A QHHT Perspective

April 16, 2014

There are a lot of us looking up lately. The blood moon lunar eclipse of a few days ago had many eyes trained to the skies and people talking about the stars and planets and the cosmos.

Another astrological event is coming up that is creating a lot of talk. Its called the Cardinal Grand Cross and it will occur April 23-24, 2014.

We in Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Community are talking about it too. The following information about the event is from a QHHT session facilitated by Dedicated Practitioner Cynthea Cameron of  Tucson, Arizona.

I have been hearing a lot of buzz recently about the upcoming April astrological event of the Cardinal Grand Cross. I had a session today where the client expressed an interest too. Before starting my client asked me to leave the door open to facilitate just a little airflow into the room, so throughout the session we could hear a gentle breeze blowing outside. At the beginning of the session this client had a lot of resistance, but finally he allowed the session to flow. 

Toward the end of the QHHT session I asked the SC (Which is the SuperConscious or what Dolores Cannon calls the Subconscious,) “What is the significance of the planetary movement that is aligning Jupiter, Mars, Pluto and Uranus in a specific formation in the coming days?” We received the following beautiful message: 

“There are waves of energy of love, of intelligent life, bathing your planet now. And this could be a day at which all of you who will allow it connect with it in a much more fully and deep way. And as that occurs and you let it rest inside of you, we will be closer to you, and you will be closer to us. 

And those who have not seen before may begin to see. And those who have not heard before may begin to hear. And those who have shut off feelings may begin to feel again. This is the bringing together of the world. And then you become more and more multi-dimensional. And your crystal form begins to take shape. And we join and we unite. 

But this is a process. It doesn’t come automatically, or in an instant. It comes wave by wave – shower by shower – droplet by droplet. And know that it is coming. Know that you are being uplifted. You are uplifted in a sense that you are being united with us. But it doesn’t mean that you never had that capacity. For you always have. And it is a rare and wonderful beginning. 

But it is also not the beginning, as this process has been ongoing for billions of years. However, this is a milepost. It is a time, as you are hearing the bells and wind chimes ringing outside, and you are hearing the soothing energy of the birds and the wind, to know that greater, and greater love is arriving on your shores.”

Submitted by Cynthea Cameron

Find Cynthea at

The following is an excellent blog and article from Universal Life Tools about just that event if you are unaware or unclear about the potential consequences of the energy alignment that is about to occur.

 Universal Life Tools Cardinal Grand Cross Article


Those who come for Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions usually are seeking personal healing or information, but very often, this type of higher level or universal or cosmic information and understanding is also available.

Much thanks goes to Cynthea Cameron of Tucson Arizona and also to her client who brought forth this lovely message and have graciously and generously given permission to share this information with the world. Find Cynthea, a Dedicated Practitioner of QHHT at

-For more information about QHHT, and Dolores Cannon’s body of work, see Candace Craw-Goldman’s website or Dolores Cannon’s website at

You too can learn QHHT–online classes now available!

Permission to share this article is given as long as it is shared completely with all links and remains unaltered in any way and contains this source information and copyright notice. Copyright 2014 Candace Craw-Goldman.


New Earth Journey Moves to Old Town in Wichita

August 5, 2013

Summer of 2013 has been a busy one. There have been lots of QHHT sessions, travel, classes and events with Dolores Cannon and…I have moved into professional office space in downtown, Old Town, Wichita!

The address is 914 East Douglass, and if you know where Larkspur is, it is the same building, just a couple of doors down.


There is plenty of free public parking, on the street, in a lot right west of Larkspur and behind the building itself. The 914 suites are upstairs loft spaces (alas, no elevator is available) and currently I have massage therapists, a spray tanner and professional photographers as neighbors. There are a couple of suites available yet as well. If you need a nice quiet office space downtown, come and check it out.


We are in the process of designing and installing more professional signage for the door. For now, you can just look for the number 914. I am in Suite 206, up the stairs, down the hallway, second door on the left.


I am planning on an open house to follow a New Earth Journey Wichita Meetup meeting to coincide with Final Friday on the evening of August 30th. Come by and say hello.

Now that I have a dedicated office space, I will definitely be holding more events, classes and sessions! Stay tuned.

UPDATE to all potential clients. I have moved to a new space in July 2014. 108 East 5th Avenue, Augusta, Kansas. Thank you.


Consciousness Based Healing After the Great Shift. A NEJ Workshop Feb 23-24.

January 26, 2013

Well we made it! It is past December 2012 and we are still here, the world did not end. Everything is just exactly like it was before… or is it?

Humanity most certainly went through a significant SHIFT last month! I have seen dramatic changes in my own personal reality and life, and many of my friends, colleagues and clients are experiencing something similar.

There have been real energetic changes to our planet and to our physical bodies and to our energetic selves. Many people feel these changes, and yet, many more do not.  Understanding what has happened to our reality can help you ride with the waves of this change. Denying or fighting this new way of being will most likely make your life much more difficult.

“Consciousness Based Healing After the Great Shift”
February 23-24, 2013

I am holding this class in KANSAS next month for all of those interested in some basic understanding of the “new” energies and how they apply to Consciousness and healing.

This workshop Includes CORe Cellular and Organ Regeneration techniques and participation in a group QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (Dolores Cannon) style group Regression.

The class will either be a one day or a two day event depending on the participant’s needs and goals.

Day one 9am-5pm will be an overview of current Consciousness based healing theories and techniques including the QHHT group regression. Selected methods of CORe will be experienced and taught for personal use. Cost 195 dollars.

Includes class materials and organic vegetarian lunch.

Day two 9am-? will be for Healing Practitioners interested in adding CORe to their healing tool box in treating others professionally and will include workbooks and practice and all materials necessary to be able to teach this class themselves (after experience with the method)  in the future. Cost 55 dollars.

Includes expanded workbook and organic vegetarian lunch.

By request: Those who have already attended a CORe workshop, whether or not it was taught by me or another teacher, who have the workbook in hand may attend and participate at a greatly reduced rate. Please email me for specific details.

Location: The lovely Atira Moon farm, east and south of Wichita Kansas.

Reserve your space today by emailing Candace at



December 28, 2012

I began this post the day of the school shootings in Connecticut. Before I even became aware of the news, my intuition told me to hold off publishing this article about being afraid. It was too soon. We all needed some time.

What happened in CT is both horrifying and heartbreaking. There is absolutely huge energy attached to the event. There are those who will, who already have, begun to use this tragedy to push their own agendas. They are absolutely counting on you, yes, YOU to continue to contribute your own energy to further their plans. Gun control advocates, yes. Second amendment advocates, yes. The NRA, yes, of course.

They are absolutely counting on your energy of fear. Will you comply? Will you pick a side and officially enter this game of fear? Will you sit in front of the TV and wring your hands and shake your head? Most will. Most already have. This is entering the game and feeding the fear. The thing is, you do not have to immerse yourself in the mainstream media and the negative agendas.

You absolutely can have compassion about the event and the families who are suffering unimaginable grief without 24/7 news updates from “experts.”

We as humans have used fear to keep us safe. Its been very useful, no question about it. The thing is, we don’t have to be afraid any more. There are other, more powerful ways to feel safe!


Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut at

When you are afraid, you project fearful energy and attract more of the same. Rather than focus on your fear, focus on the power you possess that is the opposite. You can choose to project your sovereignty and personal power.  As always, focus on what you do want, not on what you do not want. Look towards where you want to go, not where you do not want to go!

For example, if you are having a health challenge, rather than focusing on being afraid of disease, focus on the opposite, being healthy!  Every time a fearful thought about illness arises, replace it with a thought of vibrant health. If you are afraid of your boss shouting at you, rather than cower when he enters the room, stand tall and confident. If you are afraid of lone, crazy gunmen, well, stop turning on the tv and thinking about them.

So rather than holding on, to your issues or your fears, when they come up, let them go like helium balloons and replace them with your thoughts of loving supportive local communities, personal power, beauty and vibrant health.

“But wait,” I can hear some say, “How will I protect myself if I don’t keep watching tv, arming myself, vaccinating myself, allowing myself to be scanned at the airport, listening to the ‘experts’ who tell me how to be safe?”

Begin to believe, first that you are an eternal being. After that, begin to believe, all the way into the middle of your bones that you are a sovereign and powerful human able to affect your life and your future. It is a big step for many people that the “powers that be” (some call them the “powers that were“) do not want you take.

Just imagine what would happen if others joined you in these concepts?  (They are.) What if our combined focus soon turned overwhelmingly to the positive? (It is.) What if the world could really and truly change? (It has begun to change already.)

Passing through the dates of 12-12-12 and December 21 were significant indeed, even if no outwardly dramatic worldly events accompanied them. Every day, more and more people are waking up to their power and potential and the concept of abundance for all and that in turn lifts our consciousness as a group. Both our individual and human group consciousness is expanding, growing, opening up, lifting up. We are evolving, we really are.

Even when horrific things occur. Perhaps even more so when they do.

(Permission to share this story is given as long as it is shared completely with all links and remains unaltered in any way. Copyright 2012 Candace Craw-Goldman.


Cellular and Organ Regeneration (CORe) Class September 29-30 in Kansas

September 24, 2012

Announcing ​CORe in Wichita Kansas Sept 29-30, 2012

Day 1, 9am-4pm.

Day 2, 9am-1pm. Lunch (organic and vegetarian) included both days.​

New for the September class: Case studies from my own practice and also more background from the Russian Science that birthed this technique.

victor habbick

​Introducing the CORe Workshop​

​The Cell and Organ Regeneration (CORe) Program is a consciousness based program founded on the scientific research of Grigori Grabovoi, Arcady Petrov, and others. This workshop focuses upon the experience of the CORe method and it is also sometimes referred to as DNA Healing. The primary goal of this method is having you “become the person that you and the Creator intended you to be.”

Achieving health and balance is our birthright as human beings.

​Medicine will, many believe, soon evolve from a predominantly physical treatment of the body where the focus is on the treatment of individual symptoms, to a holistic consideration. One day it will become the norm to consider the whole person, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, to achieve optimum health.

Are you tired of being given drugs or chemicals to help you “be healthy”? Learn some techniques that use the most powerful gifts you possess: Your consciousness and your free will.

​The CORe workshop is not only for physical restoration of the individual, but also how to harmonize all of what is in your life: Your environment, your family and relationships, the planet and beyond.

The workshop will be EITHER a one day OR a two day workshop.


Sarah Lawrence Hinson:  A-ma-zing. If you are drawn to learning more about the latest healing methodologies, then this workshop is for you. Hugs to everyone who attending and THANK YOU Candace and Tom. ♥​

​Jaci Sivley: Everything about this class was wonderful and life-changing. As usual, Candace did an excellent job of presenting material!  I’m so grateful to Candace and her husband for sharing their knowledge and for opening their hearts… to us for this experience.


This is an EXPERIENTIAL class. You will participate as giver and receiver of the Processes to have a full understanding of CORe

​Day one will be Level ONE, which is an introduction to the method and focuses on self-healing.

​Level ONE – Introduction and Self Healing: A thorough introduction to the CORe Method will be presented with multimedia that will focus on history and basic concepts.

​You will receive a series of “Processes” and unique “Healing Number Codes” which will enable you to correct functioning of the physical body. You will begin works of regeneration and restoration of body cells and organs. Prerequisite: None, although some experience with energy work is helpful.

​Those who wish to continue with Level TWO on Sunday will have a two day workshop experience. Day two will be a half day and held the following day.

​Level TWO – Practitioner: The focus will include more Processes and Number Codes. There will be more information on the practical application of the work and you as the facilitator for others and also for you, as possible teacher of the method. Prerequisite: CORe Level One.

​Please note that completing level TWO allows you to teach the class yourself in the future after you have practiced and mastered the method for yourself and others.

​Cost for Level ONE ONLY 160.00 Cost for Level ONE and TWO Combined-(includes expanded workbook for level one and two) 220.00.

​More Feedback from Susanne Dockens:​

​”The CORe workshop was an extraordinary experience. The insights are revolutionary & the potential is limitless. I strongly encourage anyone interested in energy work & healing modalities to take advantage of these workshops. They offer insight that is truly life altering. The fellowship & sharing of the group dynamic was invigorating & inspiring. Candace is a true gift to this community.”

​Class will be held at the lovely Atira Moon Farm east of Wichita which is southeast of Augusta Kansas.  Please note: Class will have minimum number of 6 (SIX) participants to be scheduled. (No problem there, we are past six as of today, 9/23/2012)

​Preregistration or RSVP is recommended and pre-payment for class is due 4 days before the class (This gives me time to have your workbook printed and bound and ready for you by the start of the Workshop)

Any questions? Email me at or call 512-844-6377.